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Group Rates

20+ (Not Considered A School Group)

Adults: $12.00
Children (Ages 5 thru 12 years of age): $8.00
Children (Ages 4 & under): FREE
Non-Profit Groups: Must provide tax-exempt info.

School Group Rates

K thru 12 Public or Private School

Chaperones: $10.00
School Children: $8.00            
Bus Drivers/Head Teachers: FREE

School Packages

Children ONLY

Tour & Gem Mining 2lb Prospector Bag: $12.00
Tour, Gem Mining, & Lunch: $17.00

Meals and Catering

Special meals can be catered on our veranda at the Smoke Hole Log Cabin Resort Property located just 2 miles from Smoke Hole Caverns. Here the kids and adults alike can relax a little easier as the veranda sits near our spring-fed fully stocked trout pond where the kids can feed the fish but yet the adults can still see and monitor the students from the veranda. This location is a good way to let the children release their energy before the trip back home. This also works well with groups that bring their own lunch.

A Smoke Hole Outfitter guide can be prearranged to give a short and informative lesson on the different types of trout and their markings at the spring located adjacent to the pond and veranda. This is a free add-on to the trip and is very similar to visiting a fish hatchery, but better as the fish can be seen much more easily.

Catered dinners at our lodge on the veranda at Smoke Hole Log Cabins can also be set up for groups of 20 or more. Delicious Deep Fried Turkey, Barbequed Country Style Ribs, Seasoned Steak, and cocktail shrimp dinners are available to name a few. We certainly can cook up a mouthwatering meal so you will not leave hungry.

Groups must choose 1 option for the entire group (some exceptions may apply, inquire within).

Call 304-257-4442 for prices or email

Group and Tour Information Request